Beautiful, Unlike You And I Lyrics


The Last Of The Big Time Suspenders

Lyrics to Beautiful, Unlike You And I
Beautiful, Unlike You And I Video:
When you walked into the room
I couldn't keep my eye's off you
It wasn't because you were beautiful
But because you were ugly like me
Yes, there was an attraction
We had something in common
When you licked those cold sores on your lips
I knew I had been blessed

Oh life is beautiful, unlike you and I

Oh how I longed to press my zits against your zits
Or rub my scabs upon your scabs
When you walked over and bit my hand
I knew we would share and everlasting case of leprosy

Now we live together in our infected state
Oh so full of love and oh so free from hate
And you've just given birth to a two headed baby boy
Finally someone to call our won
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