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Jr. Gone Wild

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Lyrics to Beat me to the door
Beat me to the door Video:
Beat Me to the Door (M. McDonald)

There was a time when full sentences dominated our conversation

But now we seem so obsessed with shallow abbreviations

And mine and your demeanour ain't seeming very smart

We ought to show forgiveness but can't remember how to star

But it wouldn't take a PhD to enable us to see

We made a real big mess upon our floor

The cliches have got us wired we can't quit because we're fired

Well you didn't leave me baby, you just beat me to the door

There was a time I can recall when love ruled our world

Now we face off with marching drums and battle flags unfurled

And I guess you know me very well you know right where it hurts

It used to be so damned alive but now it's just inert.

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