Lyrics to Beast
Beast Video:
Can't starve this fever
gotta feed my soul
I'm burning up at 101, I'm a hunter, want a gun
hungry like an animal
tonight my eyes are burning red, tomorrow you're just a little dead
and me I've never felt more alive
I'll swallow all your silver bullets - don't matter where you put it,
I'm the one who's gettin' inside

They say it's terminal
and I know I got nowhere to go
you'll be the final destination for me and my

This fever
won't move your mercury
No, your probes, your needles, your antenna won't tell you whether I'm
h-h-hot enough to give it to you
There is no antidote for me
and i'm giving you my most potent treatment
Look, look close, my furs are showing, my teeth are growing and
it won't be long below before i get you into me

They say it's terminal
and I know you got nowhere to go
There is no vaccination against me and my

Think you gonna sweat me out
no, I am gonna run you down
diagnosis: animal
prognosis: terminal
I got it
you want it
you caught it
your happy trigger ain't no use
I got the only cure for you
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