Lyrics to Bear Shelves
Bear Shelves Video:
My stuffed bear sitting on the shelf
You've taken your last bow
You have to sleep all by yourself
Cause I'm a big boy now
I know you must get awful lonesome
Up there gathering dust
But you no longer meet my needs
For earthly, fleshly lusts

Cause now I sleep with people
Not with bears or all alone
Bears may be soft and cuddly
But people bend and moan
To those who miss when they were young
And childlike, free of sin
I say they're full of teddy dung
I'd rather touch bare skin

But to throw you out, I could not bear
And so your fuzzy face
Has to witness acts declared
Illegal in twelve states
But as you look down in shock and pain
At those who have replaced you
A wicked thought comes to my brain
I guess I shouldn't waste you...

So come and join us, my old friend
You might be useful still
As a pillow under someone's end
Or a sponge to wipe up spills
Or in some bestial fantasy
With harness, whip and leather
Too bad you don't have lifelike parts
We'd have such fun together
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