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Lyrics to Beacon In The Distance
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In an attic apartment in Iowa in a bed too big for one
you fall asleep eith the stereo on when the days was done
on a hardwood floor in Memphis with a hangover and rain
i laid there in my sleeping bag and heard the walls whisper your name
i missed you in minnesota with a map drawn on my chest
my hands kept driving south, my thoughts raced Midwest

this fall will be all phone calls and postcards
and i wish you were here's
last night the streetlights they painted on October ice
and your face appeared

i got dead drunk and dreamed of you down in New Orleans
you sting just like 151 and you burn just like jim Beamyou've got Virginia's good looks and Carolina's charm
if you were Florida I'd be the sea and carry you afloat in my arms
in a basement flat in Chicago in a bed too smaal for two
i'm holding this bear up six string when i should be holding you
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