Lyrics to Be With You
Be With You Video:
As I sit and look in the passenger seat,
I sit and wonder how did we first meet.
But now I driving down the road on a beautiful day,
To bad that gas tanks on E .
I love your walk.
I love your talk,
And I love your style,
It's what makes my grow so wild about you.
In my head all the time,
if you only knew..

(Chorus) (4x's)
And all of days and all of my nights I want to B wit U.

(Mikey's words)

And dealing with you aint easy girl,
And lord he knows I tried.
To think of all you do to me,
You know it tears me up inside.
I want to be with you every night,
To feel your body pressed against me tight,
Don't fight your mighty sexuality
Cause I want to see your lips form the words and say,

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