Lyrics to Be Near
Be Near Video:
Can we be near?
Hands across the table.
Everything in pairs.
On the run, we aim for the summits and pinnacles.
But when your wobbly legs tire, your mind still roams.
Here comes the wheelbarrow, I'm taking you home.
Please believe in my sense of direction.
We're not home, but we're not lost.

Oh, we can have it all.
Our pet sounds and rubber souls.
Let your fears go.
Let your fears go.

How can you tell I've been working at all?
Couldn't fill a page with what I have so far.
You feel splinters and glue when you grab my hand as we walk through some half-asleep neighborhood.
And on your tongue, on your tongue, words lose their bearing when love empties the lungs.
I'm steady enough to move.
I'd like to follow you until we represent at the gates of heaven.

Oh, we go through it all.
The harvest and the gold rush
Let your fears go.
Let all your fears go.
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