Lyrics to Battlesong
Battlesong Video:
In our kingdom the battle arrives
5000 enemies want our lives
But not with us
We're proud of our lives
We're strong vikings and of course
Odin's children

The armor is strong
And fear is gone
When we're ready to fight
And we're ready to fight

With our lives we defend our land
Come on you stupid fools
The war horn rise
And fearless we'll ride

The furious ones we are
Killing, dying, our enemies crying
And they're running out of the land

Thor's thunder strikes
The Valkyries ride
Let's begin the final fight
Let's begin the final fight

But what is this...
I'm feeling sick an arrow child my heart
Don't cry brothers it's okay if Odin wants me on his side
I'm on the lightning path to Vallhalla
My final place to live inside


Brothers stay and live the cult
To be a viking warrior
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