Lyrics to Battlecry
Battlecry Video:
We've been standing around for far to long
Living our image, singing our songs
Twenty years strong, but what's really changed?
We've repeated our message but the system remains
The land of the free? The home of the brave?
The black still a target, the worker still a slave
They still have the taxman, they still have the cop
We're still at the bottom, they're still on the top
We gotta fight!
We're asking "Who?" Instead of "Why?"
How can we fight them if we're part of their lie?
Don't let their lies get the better of you because fighting
each other is what they want us to do
The time will come, we'll have our turn. But until that
day we've got a lot to learn. You don't ask for liberty, you
gotta demand! Hope in our hearts, bricks in our hands...
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