Lyrics to Bathroom
Bathroom Video:
I am here, but where are you
Searched all over, I don't know what else to do
Called your number, your mother said you weren't home
Told her thank you, then hung up the phone

I am frantic, you're nowhere to be found
Looked in Safeway, but youweren't around
Went to Priceline, they said that you had gone
Got this feeling, that you'd moved on

I... know that you're attractive
You... told me that enough
My... heart is overactive
Aching for ya, waiting for the one I love so very much

You, the one I love to do my washing
You, the one who keeps my bathroom clean
You keep my toilet clean and flushing
You keep my bedroom neat and tidy
Darling won't you be my bride-ee please

Can't make custard, without big lumps
Need your cooking and your
Humpty dumpty sat on the wall
Humpty dumpty had a great fall

Can't go sleepies, in an unmade bed
My pillow's fluffless, without your head
Trouble finding, my erogenous zones
Cant make babies, when I'm on my own

I... know your tits are tiny
They... jiggle when you fart
Your... bum may be lopsided
Never mind,

Cause you're the girl who'll be my sweety-heart
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