Lyrics to Bastard Son
Bastard Son Video:
Urban enzyme digest slowly eating crust and crouton wholly Cut up news with froth and frolic hero doomed and alcoholic not a picture prized or pretty burning engines in the city not a word now could be tainted when ivory teeth come golden plated running frowning waving madly came from nothing returning gladly he said strip, strip, shout it out you've done me over, now let me out the bastard son of.... the bastard son of you know who. flashes lighten grime and gravy instant when it's bright and maybe happiness will someday bite from eating starbeams in the night crunch it chew it spit it out strip the flesh and suck it out between the teeth of envy plain come bits of cosmos fire and rain Will you ever know how it feels no mother or father to depend upon will you ever know how it feels to be alone in this world - all alone

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