Lyrics to Based
Based Video:
[feat. Lil B]

[Lil B:]
Statistics say I ain't gon live to see past 30
Things on my mind a few seen the coffin early
Internet like trash unirace is dirty
Ask me if I give a fuck about a life sentence
Most rappers use that quote as they lifes sentence
Now the judge give em time plus the 5 digits
Coulda bein the next doctor anything proper
Most people love war and they hate scores
At the top of the game and my plate is your's
In the water and I'm jaws, internet claws
Plus I'm banned like tiger bond
Long live the king, boys

[Tony Yayo:]
Vegetive state banana clip a nigga
Movie, he wake up 20 years later
Envious cause every man got insecurities
Here's 90 blue notes for security
Rest in peace to oscar grsnt pour cold beers
Bot shot em in cold blood and got 2 years
B.p finally capped up that oil spill
Tea party sayin fuck obamas health bill
Madoff in the feds and he still living
Front page of the post 4 billion hiding
They say man is destroying the earth crust
Haiti got money and food that they can't touch
My kids growing up hope they have a bright future
They don't play outside they slaves to computers
Everybody shooters, straps get purchased
Let off the poundthe trembling sound the grounds nervous
The grounds nervous
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