Lyrics to Base Of Love
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Now it's the time to get something set Rhythm and drums and the booming track The base of love in the world to see How children live in harmony These things are not from heaven sent But it's sure,this I will demand I sought everywhere and all around Even on the floor and do not count Show me to the stairs to somewhere in the sky Show me a star and don't ask me why Show me the way to a place of love Show me all the way to the base of love The base of love. The base of love The base of love. The base of love Ooh na na na na na na na na Get on the dance floor people you feel free Do that kiss and I and G. Wave them hands up in the air And feel the love from everywhere It's not I think but very nice Hope you felt this more than twice From the sky and all above Come on see the base of love

Songwriters: KUKULA
Publisher: Lyrics © Sony/ATV Music Publishing LLC
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