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Lyrics to Bartender Remix
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I'ts The Remiix! (Envy) Radiio Killer, Young Dream Dreamer Ooooooo

I'm In The Playboy Club With A Fresh Peir J's On My Feet (Fress J's On My Feet)
Dark Blue Deniim Rolled Up [?]
I Got A Wrist Full Of Diamonds Worth Bout 2oo G's
And Iim Just Keepin It Real Ah Huh
All Up In My Grill And Im Like Girlfriend You Oready Know Me (Oready Know Me)
Ive Been Number 1 On The Charts For Oooooo The Past 6 Weeks!
She Say Ooooo I Know Your Name & Where You From Shorty Im From The A
And Then I Put Her Under My Umberella And She Wos Like Eh Eh Eh Eh

We Had Drinks At The Drink And I Drunk And I Got Fucked Up
And I Was In The Club Acting Like A Mutha Fuckiin Fool
She Winked And I Winked Back Thats All I Remember Mann We Really Must Of Got Fucked Up
Last Niight!

Woke Up With The Bartender She Was Puting Moves On Me
Im At The Bar With Her [?]
Im Like The Carpenter, She Nailed The Boy Down!
See Ii Woke Up In Her Bed To Her Rubbing On My Dick
You Were Right I Said Im Ok Ayy
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