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I'm just a rap pure smoking ocb's out in Zurich...
Switch the lanes filigrams when I'm not in Europe, they love me through
Could even ask Fido, curly on got the market in the corner on the 12
Like my water with the gas in it can help it in passionate
I... graduate, school of hard knox if you grew up on the block
The... beyond hot, you niggers know it, street poet,.. corners and leaf throwing
Posters smoking no one police scoping, but look what happened I want it all over
Niggers... in it
With this I sway rocking with the genius everybody here
Body... in the creaming
I leave your motherfucker nagging on the ceiling, I'm a mixer
I... cutting kilometers... eager
... Amigas can't deny I was E god... plus I'm reside on the side, that's the meanest
Sorry she don't spend time on my penis, but I'm higher than Venus
Hottest than asbest, women get the dollars and probably enemy
I'm a get the swallow like... gets chilling with my...
... As I'm cruising to slow speed the only you come right out maneuver OJ's
Check it, I hit the skate park hit it, kids love me,.. Bart Simpson in real life
... still twice, I'm so... this loud nigger's mic, get a life, alright,
Think a second before you step in front of the mic
Some might be soar, down has stripes
But they swear stay here, yeah, yeah right
You don't need a Canon, a Kodak to understand that you know that
Three nigger, wassup?
Danny Mayor, wassup, my nigger chico?
With the city in the house, yeah
Feels good to be home
... over sea flight,..
... keep nigger at the right speed.
2010 until infinity.
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