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Inner Terrestrials


Lyrics to Barry Horne
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Though they broke your heart they never broke your will
Your script stayed strong through the years you were ill
They caged you like the animals and tortured you but still
They could never hurt what cannot be killed

Though the mortal life of a true freedom fighter's gone
Barry Horne, Barry Horne your memory lives on
Through the broken dreams and all the years of pain
Barry Horne, Barry Horne your death was not in vain

A man laid down his life for those who can't defend themselves
Born into a nightmare their lives a living hell
But some people think it's wrong to put profit before life
Some people think it's wrong to be born under the knife


Their example has failed, your death helps us unite
There's many who were sleeping who are now awake to fight
That a man died for the animals to teach the world their plight
He made the masses wonder if this terrorist was right

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