Barely Drunken Lyrics


No Guts, No Glory

Lyrics to Barely Drunken
Barely Drunken Video:
Baby,yeah what's so cool
'Cause demon lovevly night calls my name in an empty bottle of doom
Harder,it's try to find another drunken and face -no- punker like me,you die
Let me be your opposite hand
Try to think what you've doing,it's the last
It's life that decides,you turn on the light before the end of sleep
Look down and up to you
Work in your mind,it's like two-edge knife
Your life's staying at your throat

Barely Drunken all
Barely Drunken all
Barely Drunken all
Drunken all night long

Baby,yeah what a wreck!
A neutronic hell-head,it's not's full of dead
Harder,it's try to hide
I've sacrificed my life for the sour,filthy fire
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