Lyrics to Barclay
Barclay Video:
Sing to me Barclay
It's been so long since I asked you to
I need something new

And in a world un-strange
The tortured kittens fall just like strays
They only ride in the rain

Come on old man
Life up your hands
and give a new kid the means to exist
These cold hands
Don't mean to demand
but if you could tell me what did we miss?

Sometimes you just can't change
This dying feeling of a life unclaimed
It'll take years to get sane

You've heard empire's blues
Well is it that I haven't payed the dues
I'd risk it all just to lose

This breathing need for completion
Unappeased after all we put in
It's high time to change with the season
Said the bleedings comes to an end

From all the wind outside
You know I'm screamin strife
As I go to follow lines
It's the end of time
How could we lose the rhyme
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