Lyrics to Barcelona '99
Barcelona '99 Video:
We went down to Bará§a one fine day in May,

With all the fans drinking to Busby's birthday,

And when it was over, and when it was done,

We'd defeated Bayern Munich by two goals to one.


The first was by Teddy, he out-foxed the rest,

The second by ¡Ole!, to finish our quest,

We could have scored 4 and we could have scored 9,

But we didn't start playing 'til injury time!


The Germans they thought that they had it sewn up,

Their ribbons were already tied on the Cup,

But Teddy said "Hang on, it's not over yet",

As he steered the ball into the back of the net.


From Beckham's next corner, Teddy got the first touch,

And ¡Ole! Gunnar Solskjaer said "Thanks very much",

The Bayern defenders fell down to the floor,

As from round the Nou Camp came an almighty roar!


If they'd asked the Scousers or Juventus Turin,

They'd have known it's not over 'til the fat lady sings,

When you're playing United, as they found to their cost,

One minute you're winning and the next you have lost!


United keep fighting and never give up,

That's why we're the Champions and we've won the Cup,

We're Champions of Europe too, we've won them all,

We're Manchester United, the Kings of Football.
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