Barbecutioner (Donny Don't Dance) Lyrics


Bringing Back The Bloodshed

Lyrics to Barbecutioner (Donny Don't Dance)
Barbecutioner (Donny Don't Dance) Video:
[Lyrics and Music by Grisly Adams]
[Based on the movie: "Don't Go In The House"]

Donny Kohler plays with fire, incinerates at a job he hates, watches things and people burn.
Earns his asshole bosses scorn, just a heckled momma's boy,
Lives in a big creepy house, finds his mother dead one night, then he cracks and goes insane.

Weeping, grieving, he hears voices whispering.
Listens to loud disco, then he smokes a cig.
The voices tell him "you can do whatever you want to do"
"She's evil, must be purified, you're free and we are here now"

Inferno... inside his head, he constructs his own furnace room.
To incinerate his victims and be one with the dead.

Cruising the streets for a mark, he picks up a broad at the flower store.
Cons her back into the house, she wakes up suspended and chained to the floor.
Naked and screaming her pleas, he douses her body with gasoline.
Flamethrower burns her alive, she chars to a cinder as he gazes on.

Tormentor... he aches for more, stupid bitch stuck on the side of the road.
Picks her up cuz she can't start her shitty 70's car.

Later, he goes to the store, kidnaps poor Linda, the uppity whore.
She meets the Mother now rotten and green.
Before being blackened and joining the family.
Donny starts losing his shit, screams at the corpses "You are all bitches!"
Dreams of an open beach grave, his zombified victims all pulling him into his doom.

[Lead: Grisly Adams]

Now Donny goes to church, lights a candle for his Mom.
Steals holy water cuz he thinks it puts the fire out.
Priest feeds him bullshit, says "Sorry" to his rotten Mom.
Sprinkles holy water on her, calls his fag friend Bob.

He goes out, buys a suit, disco fashion purchased from a total gaywad.
Meets his friend, at the discotech, he gets hit on by a chick in a red dress.
Donny's pissed, he won't dance, every swinging dick is hitting on his board.
She pulls him, and he flips his shit, candle smacks her head and bursts it into flames.

[Lead: Maniac Neil]

He picks up, two drunken chicks, it's party time back at Donny's house.
Ties them up, all set to burn, but the priest and Bob come to fuck it all up.
The girls escape but he fries the priest, then he congregates with all his new "Family".
Now alive, they come for him, screaming murder, he envelopes them in flames
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