Lyrics to Barbarian
Barbarian Video:
Will we ever get to meet the barbarian?
Do the things I say increase my intelligence
I scraping like a fawn on the ground
Intellectually I'm lost and found

There we go like before
Now we go on like we did
With urgency in my head
And now I knew you'd come to bed
Come back my one, my barbarian
Come back my bar-barian

I understand important things
If I do anything but sing
I've learnt my lesson
I've walked quite like before


I've done a thing with you but did I have
Did I have any care?
Push in any care, wow, I thought nothing is wrong
How can I do anything that I want with you?
Just to get nothing, nothing else
My barbarian, my only friend, my barbarian
My only friend, my barbarian
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