Lyrics to Banished From Sanity
Banished From Sanity Video:
Welcome to the waiting room of forgetful house,
welcome where you hide, the hole in the ground
Can you feel the filthy odor from beneath the ground?
No time, no space, nor either a bit of hope will be founded.

This hell around to me, I'll never be free,
Lunatic asylum, defening silence,
Welcome to the cyclone of the insanity,
Welcome to the place of which you'll never leave,
You'll never leave.

I hear voices coming from silence, is this other dream?
Long tentacles sorround me, I'am in despair,
There's someone in my head, but it's not me.
I feel pleasure when I cut my veins, It's fucking crazy game.

Am I in the flesh?

I am captured among four walls with red mattresses
My repugnant food confused with my own dirt,
The injections in my brain, the sweat into the hole provokes the pain,
Outside the wall I can hear the screams of the society,
I sleep in the day I sleep in the night, my dreams are now my only escapes, my sanity.

Who's the insaneman (who),
Who's the insane,
Who's the insaneman (who).

Pigs are flying over my head defecating my dignity
Medical negligence, human mistake, banished from sanity!!!
They manipulate my brains cells will be my grave
I can see the silver cord, I'm dreaming again.

Builiding my own wall where my fears are the workmen
I am the sheep, they're the wolf.
Psychotic visions disturbing my mind
Schizophrenic illusions without egress.

White ravens in my haedboard, in this threshold of pain?
Numb with the sedatives storm with silver rays
I am the guinea pig of his experiment
The machine and my body are just one tired heart
Reach the vortex, C'mon reach it!
Big buttlefly with broken wings,
Now is over the trial, now I take lead
I'm wake up, I'm dead
I'm dead!!!
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