Lyrics to Banger (MOSHPIT)
Banger (MOSHPIT) Video:
Boom shaka-laka boom boom shaka-laka
Boom shaka-laka boom boom shaka-laka

[Verse 1]
Grab your brownie sit the party
Shake the party break the party
Murder party leave the body tell nobody
Put it down, Figg Side rip ride
Rule line wig line shots knock knock YAWK
You not really bout that you don't want to see a Glock out
You a pussy ass nigga you be hoping for a cop out
Got a nine and a clip put a nine on your hip
Keep talking that shit 9 to 5 for your lip
G-Ride ski masks colored rags contraband in bags
Focused on enemies in jags big sips out our flasks
We faded who next to get famous
Them bangers get banging that flow keep changing like click click
Shit, I wish a nigga would feeling fucking good
Crack and scramble up your hood get it understood
I could have cuhz leaking blood
Personal as fuck at your door drop your on your rug


[Verse 2]
Ain't nothing sweet about rumbling with beasts
You don't need water to travel through the seas
Unravel the backwoods and crumble up the trees nigga please
Your stuck missing now homie finna breeze
These bullets burning gon' be hard for you to breathe
These bullets burning damn near possible to bleed
Off that alcohol that nozzle flammable
Beef I pray on my prayer react like animal
Pussy, I split you like camel toe
My shoelaces matching my flannel
We be loading up ammo
Yall be making them channels
Yellow tape by them candles
Gang members with killers 3's on our agendas
Real niggas finger so niggers play they 9 triggers
Facial expressions say surrender when that iron enter
Lay back recline nigga
Access the nine nigga
Refrigeration blocking all genders
Rather Crip or Piru hoes get it too


[Verse 3]
Yall really into talking we with that bullshit
Them shots is steady sparking we with that bullshit
Your hood gon' hear them sirens we did that bullshit
My 50 niggas wallet we bout that bullshit
You know Atlanta with that bullshit
New York to Miami with that bullshit
You know Chicago with that bullshit
Kansas City down to New Orleans with that bullshit
Texas to Alabama with that bullshit
Boston and cats from Philly with that bullshit
Arizona to Seattle they with that bullshit
Warn your mama California we 'bout that bullshit

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