Lyrics to Bang
Bang Video:
(feat. Lil' D)

[Intro: C-Los]
Bitches N.O. L.I.M.I.T.
Lets peddles in this bitch til I D.I.E.
If we gutta nigga G.U.T.T.A.
Our coke niggaz never givin dudes the way

[Hook x2: C-Los (Lil' D same time)]
Bitches N.O. L.I.M.I.T. (hell no we takin no shit no D)
Lets peddles in this bitch til I D.I.E. (Imma hang around this bitch and bang my shit)
If we gutta nigga G.U.T.T.A. (I dont play that shit, I dont play that shit)
Our coke niggaz never givin dudes the way

[Verse: C-Los]
We the Black Sopranos mama I understand why you scared of us
A drama then you know we [?] gutta bus
Im tick stuck the area, keep a celli on my side
Like Eddie Murphy on that murder he's comin to a miracle
I slide in my ride so fly like a space ship
Keep a 4.5 on both sides like a weight bitch
I dont think you pussy niggaz really wanna fuck wit me
Cuz I hear them scream like my cell Phone Company
I dont play wit lames dont save you full gamer
Think I was Della Wayne so Imma fuck it major face down
I kill whats side ya only found
Know ya Imma leave ya smellin like some gunpowder full long
And you know just what it is when a nigga grab a teddy [?]
Red beans on ya aim look like chicken pop
My niggaz need help, I be comin for em right away
Cuz Imma Mack em up, like a muthafuckin license plates

[Hook x2: C-Los (Lil' D same time)]

[Verse: Lil' D]
Suicide some nigga, Im a muthafuckin business
So I boss wit no hard like I run on ceilings
Please, you bitch niggaz dont want it wit the dealer game
And feed ya ass at Shell like you buyin the peach
I can keep that reach, I dont need no his cashes
Shout to leave ya girl my hoes in the Playboy Mansion damn
Where the hood and they know whats happenin
My guns Bloods aint Crips when they poppin they crackin
Im the one to fear, not the test over here
Im poppin a 40, and no I aint talkin bout the belt
Im talkin bout the ass love to run up on ya mug
At hole 20s, I can make heart ride on drugs
So leave what you shouldn't do uh-uh buckin showin ya grill
Get ya fuckin gold teeth aint bullet proof
Call my click two guards and yall some shooters
Leave ya chest hangin out like you work for hooters

[Hook x2: C-Los (Lil' D same time)]
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