Lyrics to Bang Bang
Bang Bang Video:
The straight jacket of luv´s fine Bang Bang If you´re Houdini in your spare time Bang Bang Lord Nel and Lady Hamilton They fought for love When he come home from the war He gave her what for love The mighty fall when love has called Vampire friends desire to lust Fang Fang They fall on necks then fall in love Pang Pang The Marquis de Sade was happy With a stroke of love Sherlock Holmes alone preffered A little token love Bang Bang,the mighty fall Bang Bang,when love has called Bang Bang,the mighty fall Tony and Cleo struck out For the freedom down Egypts way But Ceasar had squeezed her in Rome On his quilt for a day Hey Hey Now Anthony got really angry About old Ceasar´s Hanky Panky She told them she would use them And boy did she abuse them Fallen love had blew´em away Bang Bang,the mighty fall,... And Sam and Delilah The boy we should file under fool ´Cos when the temple start to crumple Sammy for his comb did fumble Life was in a ruin She loved Johnny Fruin Fallen love had blew´em away Bang Bang,the mighty fall,...

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