Lyrics to Balled Out
Balled Out Video:
(feat. San Quinn)

[Verse 1]
Sittin' fat on twenty inches, yeah and kickin' the flow
I used to be in the corner on my five point toes
Wrote raps with meaning, flashback to my younger days
In the summer, wanted her number but then she turned away
She turned the channel see my face on the screen
Now she havin' visions about replacin' my queen
Brought up the cream but she wouldn't see a nickel see a track
With comps on the big in the middle
Tryin' to fit em' now because of my fame
Y'all need support keep lovin' the name
Pushin' the Range with a dot in the six
I'm heavy in the mixed and you coughed on my tit

[Hook x4]
We balled out, we grind out, we shined out
And when you see me on the tv then you find out

[Verse 2]
What they know about court life, locked down on titaniums
Saved a pocket full of them yays because they payin' em'
That's nothin' balled out shined out we big timin' on some other shit
Collectin' them faces they fit us fine
It's no surprise we pullin' up in the best
All leather with the wood grain rest, nothin' less
Confess we used to solve it all but gangstas know who we are
Playstation it's connect in each and every car
Gold teeth and French braids or the full fades
Bring it all together and bibble cause we all paid
Over-nighters on airplanes get the red-eye
Face to face negotiations and we keep it better
Now dig this, you say you wanna get the cheddar
Face to face negotiations and we keep it better
And all money ain't good money
You can't tell on the streets we determined to make mail

[Hook x4]

[Verse 3]
Shhh, I get with it no problem, hundred G's I got em'
Five hundred Benz on twenty lone pros and drop em'
Livin' life me and my wife sittin' on the hill and we plush
Hey never enough and enough ain't enough
I bubble up and flip my fetti and double up
Like automatics and gauges and tech nigga is what's up, ha
I bring nothin' but that Southern Cali, Northern Cali gangbang
Mentality, so when you try to come battle me
Hit the game up with diamonds, you love the way they be shinin'
And I keep on grindin' that's when the 4-5 blindin'
Worried and nervous and nervous as fuck
I ai't got no license I ain't givin' a fuck
If you ain't got no money stay the fuck away from us
You see me in my Caddy lookin' clean as fuck

[Hook x4]
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