Ballad Of The Slaughterhouse Lyrics

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The Pain And The...

Lyrics to Ballad Of The Slaughterhouse
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You don't know what we go through
To cut all these steaks
You don't know what we go through
To put 'em on your plate
You don't know what its like
To spend your day
Slicing necks for meager pay
The crying of the cows
The screaming of the pigs
The horses and the cutting rigs
The bloody boots
The bloody gloves
The bloody walls
And the bloody tubs
While my kids get thinner and thinner
I slice hog for America's dinner
So much ham, so many mouths to feed
And a bad case of conventional greed
The goddamn AFL-CIO
Functions only for the status quo
Our long term goals can only be met

Through a worker's syndicate
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