Ballad Of The Bangkok Novotel Lyrics

Manic Street Preachers

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Lyrics to Ballad Of The Bangkok Novotel
Ballad Of The Bangkok Novotel Video:
The ballad of the Bangkok Novotel No scream, no smile, No nothing for me It's so hot that I can't breathe Nine stone two and six foot three Rats are crawling on my feet Shrivel to nothing for the company Lizards and geckos cover me Military Police are after me But everybody else seems so happy Mini sized apples filled with disease Even the water tastes like tea On a diet of Gaviscon Look at me I'm fucking gone A light watch, my time today Madonna's fucking on the car again On the phone ten times a day Hiding under the table again Breakfast, my mouth tastes like piss Masturbation, there's nothing left In a daze, anorexic haze Look outside and join the insane The bug inside of me won't go Egg and chips is all I want So hungry I can taste home Wake up screaming on all fours Knocking knock knocking on my door My life is a disaster Giant ice cubes rolling on the floor Someone help me dear God Everybody has fake smiles I am losing my fucking mind I've had enough of being alone I'd give anything to save my soul I think that I have seen the Devil Satan smiles at me in the mirror Revolution in the Golden Palace Four sickly boys are losing resistance So much porn and alcohol I'm so numb to my hormones But my liberty is winning Five years later I'm still shaking

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