Ballad Of Reverend War Character Lyrics

The Silver Jews

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Lyrics to Ballad Of Reverend War Character
Ballad Of Reverend War Character Video:
Silhouette Jane measures rain in a cracked cup on the sill
In Embry's last photograph he disappears over a hill
Darrell Dotson waits in the grass for a fight
the stars don't shine upon us
we're just in the way of their light

The new girl in Tahoe has swallowed Sinatra's cum
A russian primadonna dances slow on valium
After the game the benchwarmer can't get a ride
in space there is no center
we're always off to the side

John Parker III steps over a bird on a Wall St. window ledge
Little Wilkie finds a dead cat rotting deep inside the hedge
Mahalia Roach dies on a Greyhound coach in July
in a horror movie when the car won't start
you give it one last try

Guinnevere orders one more beer in the smokey pick-up bar
A burnt out tramp by the exit ramp waits for one more car
The Latin teacher always smells like piss
the census figures come out wrong
there's an extra in our midst
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