Ballad of Kevvy and Jenny Lyrics

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Lyrics to Ballad of Kevvy and Jenny
Oh my friends, there is time, endless spaces
And the Alberta winter rolls on
There is warmth in a bar at the poor edge of town
But the warmth in my heart is all gone

Although I have borne great intentions
For my life, I have often aimed low
And the wealth of surprise in the glow of your eyes
Has been more than I ever hoped to know

And I dared to suppose that this girl would arrive
And I dared to believe she was true
But my eyes were affixed on the weather of course
And I almost didn't recognise you

Oh, my friends, there is time, endless regrets
There are meetings and passings the same
There are fields that retreat into terrible cold
But there is always the glow of your name

As usual you felt you were not good enough
And your thoughts were consumed like the night
But the ears that hear are often closer than they appear
And your instincts are probably right

So you forge out on your own, ‘cause you can't help yourself
And you truly believe she's the one
And advice is a cruel companion on the road
Because she'll never admit when she's done

Oh the world, oh the world has not borne me much joy
In a way I am dying to live
And what I want for you is everything you are due
I hope it's not more than I can give

And my friends, there is time, endless mercies
There is family and friends, there is home
There's a whisper that blows across the prairies I suppose
But I won't have to hear it alone

So farewell to the life I have known so long
And farewell to the chill in my heart
This is all of me, this is all I can be
And I know that we never shall part.
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