Ballad For Marianne Lyrics

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Lyrics to Ballad For Marianne
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Its written somewhere in the corners of my mind
Never let the moon come and take me soon
When the days just pass me by
I sit and wonder staring at the sea
Why I'm standing here holding back the tears
Under grey and broken skies
My heart is breaking
There is nothing left to say
Oh how can I end this pain

Take this pain away
Can't live another day

Everyday it's the same old thing
I'm walking in the rain
I can see your face but I can't erase the love you left behind
Why you chose to take your life and end it on that day
Marianne I can't understand why you had to turn away
This place you've gone to there ain't no going back
You left me hear alone

Take this pain away
Can't live another day

Our son is weeping as we stand here by your grave
Ain't it sad and you know its bad to remember you this way
Life can sometimes be so cruel
But we must carry on
The morning star
You know it's never far
But you could never see
If I could have just one more wish
I'd hold you once again, oh hold you once again

Take this pain away
Can't live another day
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