Lyrics to Ball And Bun
Ball And Bun Video:
[EightBall]Check 1, 2Check 1, 2 baby, yeah, uh1, 2, 1, 2, microphone check, 2somebody better tells these mothafuckers how we wreck foolsDisrespect foolsCheck and snap necks tooChrushin' duosSittin', waitin' on the next 2Nigga, me and Bun got the extra clips and bullet proofsGone off illegal shit, bustin' out the sunroofsScatterin', niggaz chatterin'About where they beenWhere they from, why they hate me, and relate me withStereotipical, down South country shitOn the real, we on the hustlin' makin' money shitIt's EightBizall makin' nigga feel Memphis, TennMakin' hip-hop, funky as a chit-a-linBitter men, mad, thinkin' that they better menKnockin' at the Suave House door, but we won't let 'em inHoes and niggaz, got a lot of shit to talk aboutRunnin' your mouth, can get you dead, deep down SouthChorus: [EightBall]I don't know where ya been,And I don't know what ya seenBut I know deep down South,It's all about the green[Bun]Now, I don't know what ya seen,And I don't know where ya beenBut I know deep down South, ya keep your G-U-N[EightBall]I don't know what you've done,And I don't know what you doBut I know deep down SouthNigga, it's all on you[Bun]Now, I don't know what you doAn I know what you've doneBut we can't tell ya 'bout nobody else,But Ball and Bun[Bun]I see no evil,Say no evil,Hear no evil,Try not to get in no evilsRaised up on Briz and Biz Bo-wevilsAin't no sequels for your people when we touch downSouth gon' put that crush downNigga lay your philly, and you'll touch downTakin' that shit so much clownDon't even sound real no mo'Your cap'll get peeled, slo-moFuck you and that steel .44I'm triz, oh hoePay your dumbasses no nevermindFlip flows, so clever shineLike diamond grapes on leather vinesForever I regard itAs the first fool that startedMovin' gassed up niggaz till they fartedHands, black hearted, coldGet retardedLike slingblade, it bring made niggazI played niggazStill wanna see a thing fade niggazI stay niggazThat is the fight, what you believeGive you life room to breatheBut tonights the night for you to leaveAs soon as sleepAin't got, no tricks up,Your still get mixed upFrom Southern black macksThat stay gettin' they dicked suckedChorus[EightBall]Crooked as the first letter in the word SouthNiggaz who be 'bout gettin' paid, even when it's a droughtFuckin' some stout, smokin' outAt my nigga house98 live, side bet and gettin' screwed outScrewed up, drinkin' my cupGrippin' my nutsHoes be jockin', but eager niggaz get setupWet up, fucked up, what's up?Test us, guess what?True but, you just, messed upDeeper, than encyclopedia BritanicaIf Ball don't do it, then Bun-B gonna handle ya[Bun]To all you Betty Crocker,Cock knockers that wanna cook a cakeBut don't know what it took to make that bitch,Take a look you fakeAnd switch your recipeNiggaz always takin' tests of me Pressin' me, just to see the stress and hateBring the best of meLeave your mouth open, sesame seedI seperate from stem and weedMe, I go, murderMurder them in deep blood clotThey get all red hot from lead shotsAnd what notMine, I go dead after red dotAnd buckshot,So bitch niggaz get the fuck outLeave suckas stuck, fuck propsThis where the buck stopsChorus[EightBall Talking]Yeah, Euphoric imagesPsycadelic gangsta shitThis is fuckin' groovy manI'll be back3004

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