Lyrics to Bag Up
Bag Up Video:
[feat. Fred The Godson & Danny Brown]

[Tony Yayo:]
I go ham on the beat but I don't eat pork
Wire cell so much ched in the g porsche
Brown maybach coupe, potato color
Sour cream guts bad bitch burn the rubber
I'm way hung over, from the other night
Brush my teeth ron isley in the shower mic
My spanish bitch on her period I titty fuck her
And that auid tt is tighter than a mother
I spit acid the beat let the bars live
My weed underwater, spongebob crib
I'm so fly on the ground I'm air sick
Haters need a barf bag for the spaceship
I'm so hot just face it
I don't even handwrite raps I just say it
Yea, I'm so hot just face it
Nigga I don't handwrite raps I just say it

[Chorus: Danny Brown]
Not nay gym got the work on the scale
And nao nay 1 just made my 1st sale
Ain't even much time and I'm ready to re-up
Rat bitch hold down a sack in her c-cup and I still go hard
12.15 got arrest by the narcs
Now they all mad cause they ain't find shit
So you can tell the hoods they can suck my dick

[Fred Da Godson:]
Fuck spitting, I spent friday in the kitchen I need more bread
I just added the ice cubes come on craig
New connect I'm a try em out
He in debt press em with the tec get it ironed out
He told me he got it for 40 I'm like what that amount
The men ea meetings got even out of town dying out
Ey yayo I need a number on that half a k
I pick it up after my niece she got a half a day
My nigga cooked the whole had to throw a half away
Connect old school brew donnie halfaway
I have a way you seein em
Raw so dope off the iphone I blackberry b.b.m

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