Lyrics to Badaboom
Badaboom Video:
An ancient legacy
turned into a song
of confidence and hope.
Spreading endlessly.
A view to the end of all
horizons and beyond.

We'll get to the core tonight.
Our forces will prevail.
For too long we've been doomed.
Release our Badaboom.

Rumors were afloat,
turned into reality
and finally brought to life.

Letters that we wrote
became a melody
granting deep insight.

And we'll find a way
through darkest nights.
Our road enlightened by the moon.
Every step will lead us closer to our might
our final aim appearing soon.
Release our Badaboom.

From no one to someone.
From nowhere to somewhere.
To any places that can be.
We will find our way
through darkest coldest nights.
This is for eternity.

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