Lyrics to Bad Start
Bad Start Video:
So we had a bad start
I saw what i wanted
I came on too strong and stuffed it all up
And you thought
God what have i done?
This guy's kind of fun
But he's got me all wrong
If he's thinking
I'm in need of a man
He don't understand my style
And there was no easy way to tell me
'Kid, I had my doubts all the while'

I'll keep playing the suitor
And you'll keep driving me back home
'Cos a kiss on the cheek is sweeter
Than taking a bus there on my own
Yeah and I'll keep playing the song i wrote
On the night you broke my heart
'Cos there still can be a future
If we let go of the past

We had a bad start
I took it for granted
That all of the banter was going somewhere
I was wrong
But I'll make a prediction
It's not science fiction
The path could lead there
If you're finding me too much to handle
Take anouther handful
Or tell me to leave it
You're needing a breather
I ain't going nowhere

And you can say it is all my head
But i can do it if I believe I can
I'm a positive son of a bitch
I know its not always the message I send
And you can say it is all my head
Who knows what opportunity lends to me
Lovers born of friends
And the picture fades, The end
Oh, it's the end
You and me
The picture fades, the credits roll, It's the end
You and me
We had a bad start
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