Lyrics to Bad M. F.
Bad M. F. Video:
(feat. Prime Time)

[Kangol Slim]
You don't wanna start none

[Chorus x2]
Prime Time is a Bad Mother Fucker
Kangol Slim is a Bad Mother Fucker
Mista Menor is a Bad Mother Fucker
That 17th, that's a Bad Mother Fucker

[Mista Menor]
I'm a fool, like them Rally Kings from the old school
Deck out, I'm bout to rep out, you better step out
The Bull rang I'm finna stank
You see my nuts? I'ma let 'em hang
If I'm the King boy rappin' just my thang
I love it, that's why I does it, I mean I do it
I'm true to it, you new to it, you Young Bucks
Better stay back or get smacked
Fill the rat, tat, tat, tat, from the Gat
Boy I lay yo ass flat
Ain't nothin' new under the sun, nor the moon
See if death hit you ass, you might think you dyin' soon
But if you doomed, then you playin' with that AK Spitter
That Hard Right Hitter, some of South Coast Nigga
So how the fuck you figure you could disrespect me?
Lil' Red from P-N-C, boy split you in three, fuck two have ya whole crew
Lookin' for you, talkin' bout What 'Cha Gone Do?
Nigga What 'Cha Wanna Do?
Say what

[Chorus x2]

[Prime Time]
I know you scared to flex up, you never will know
Until you get bold and tough
Enough of this bullshit that I'm hearin'
Scared to get next to Prime, cause ya fear him
Or even near him, but it wasn't No Murder She Wrote
I quote to that note, I bless so much, that I got more fans then the Pope
Even them 4-0, I'm just that dope, try'na approach PT and get broke up

[Kangol Slim]
PT tell 'em what'cha bout

[Prime Time]
Quicker to call you bluff with that gangsta stuff
Heard ya been lot of gaggin'
But I ain't havin' it, my Mother love me
But never trust me, cause quick to grab me
It's a habit that I done picked up on
To carry a chrome, since we hidin'
Nobody taught me right from wrong
The good got to suffer for the bad is this world
You avoid the hip, I promise they get splift and
On the radio yo name be annoucnin'
But ya still bouncin', I got more paper then you boys every counted
Worse then Terminator lookin' for Sarah Conners

[Kangol Slim]
God bless a nigga, that is try'na creep
Why? cause I'ma lay this nigga down six feet deep
And I got the nine and the meter on the seat
And I bust his head, and leave his brains in the street
Ride off into the Sunset, even Lil' Wayne sayin'
Kangol ya did that? You Split his wig back
All about makin' mine, get in my way and in yo face is gonna be a nine
When you awake, I never did fuck with a nigga
So I feel a nigga shouldn't fuck with me
If he do may he Rest In Peace

[Chorus x4]
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