Lyrics to Bad for Business
Bad for Business Video:
And I walk alone
In this tonight
I look to my right but
No one’s there

I hope that one day soon
You’ll be with me
Wanting and waiting
Never can I see

See, what’s on the other side
Waiting for me, oh me.
Oh be with my heart

No matter how much I want you to stay
It’s a life of solitude that I must pay
The price of an artist
The price of my dreams
Cause me to be so unhappy

Guess I’m not meant to be with you now
But I will wait here for you
I don’t know how

How, how we could just forget
I don’t know now oh now
Now I play instead

A summer built up so high
It was one of the best
That’s the least that I could say
You weren’t like the rest

So please hold me tight
And say we wont fight
Cause our days are numbered
Before you take flight
Flight, oh flight

Before you take flight, oh flight oh
To the other side of town
To the other side of town

I hope that one day soon
I’ll be here for-ever and yours alone
Never to go, go, go
Never to go oh never to go

And there you go
And there you go
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