Bad Boys Need Love Too Lyrics



Lyrics to Bad Boys Need Love Too
For all the deadbeat dads
And the kids that they had
The ones that's left behind that's always up on their minds

To know that there's no excuse
To leave a boy in his youth
And now that dirty secret's just some ugly truth

To be left all alone
To never pick up the phone
And all the things I learned I guess I learned on my own

But what's done has been done
And now your only son
Wants to share the love with you he got from his mom

Bad boys need love too
[You know who I'm talkin' 'bout]

I was still just a kid
Barely out of my crib
Left alone at home yes I was raising my sibs

While my mother got paid
Always at someone's aid
She missed us, kissed us, told us she'd be home

Now her kids is full grown
They've got kids of their own
Put the past behind you mind you you're never alone

Cause my brothers they're two
Yes I got a nephew
Can't change who you are 'til you change what you do

Bad boys need love too
[You know who I'm talkin' 'bout]

Pull from the earth
Every last thing of worth
To know the soil is free of oil, to make that your work

To know that we share
The same water and air
So can't we be more mindful of what we put in there

Cause we can't be surprised
When the oceans do rise
To tell yourself you'll be okay is to tell yourself lies

So let's change how we live
Less take and more give
It's in my mother's nature now to always forgive

Bad boys need love too
[You know who i'm talkin' 'bout]
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