Lyrics to Backwards, Under
Backwards, Under Video:
there's no one here to take from, my hands are wet from thinking
i stood to far to reach you, and i'm too tired to move

move out from that window

there's nothing here that's worth it
there's nothing gained if you're here.
i've told you more than this and all i ask is you...

i hear you staring through the back of my head
seconds turn to years
something that i cannot forget
sigurd jensen
think about what will come next
minutes turn to none
all i do is think while you stare
it's not worth taking

mind the hum and think back, my hands are red from gripping
texture doesn't mean a thing if you cant touch it

move out from that window

i'm in control with this, i'm in control with this
inset your way with it,
its all i ask you

(repeat chorus)

day by day
train by train

saw you peak through the window, made me wonder what made you
come infatuate with this
when you look like you're thinking, and i think that i'm looking
for an easier way out

heading backwards, over under

(repeat chorus)
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