Lyrics to Backpack
Backpack Video:
Yo, check it, Yo

There's a few things you're always gonna find inside my knapsack:
A black can of Krylon; flat black w/ a fat cap
A pick for my hair ever since I started growing it
deodorant, some shoelaces, I even got a sowing kit
keys though I really oughtta keep them in my pocket
batteries for the walkman that don't work since I dropped it
RCA cables for the shows that reaches 2ft.
a bag of chips that's crushed that's been in there for 2wks.
pictures I developed from the last show, I ripped it!
flyers for the next one and about seven zip discs
beats for the cyphers and a bunch of F'n stickers
be careful when you put 'em up because the cops'll get ya
but if I think they see me then I'll book it like OJ
if they catch me I gotta fake ID that says my name is Jose
after they ??? I get a call from mother nature
I got a VIBE magazine that I use as toilet paper
a palm pilot so I can keep track of all my numbers
a video I was supposed to take back to Blockbuster
sunglasses, bus passes, a trainmap, a copy of 'THE PRELUDE'
from C-Rayz and Plain Pat
I can't forget that pocket inside the zip-back
with Now&Laters, peppermints, Lifesavers and the Tic-Tacs
a picture of my girl, whassup baby I love ya
my highschool report card I still ain't shown it to my mutha
a bottle of solution for the dry contact lenses
I gotta metal chair that folds cuz I watch too much wrestlin
I even used to have this little white rabbit
cause Matches was askin me to show him how to do magic
Polo hangin baggy with the Ecko on the side
knapsack on my back, that's just my flava hops

Brand Nubian: knapsack on my back, that's just my flava hops
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