Lyrics to Back To You
Back To You Video:
I gotta find you
No matter what may come my way
I'm gonna track you down
And then what will you have to say

I hope that you're friendly
I hope you don't make me work too hard
I'm running on empty
I gotta find my way back to you

There's no use in hiding
I'm searching for you every which way
And when I find you
Think of what I'll do and what I'll say

I'll say I love you
I'll grab your hand and hold it to my heart
There'll be no denying
I gotta find my way back to you

If you could help me and shine your bright light
I will hurry and be with you tonight
I need your loving more than anyone around
So when you see me please open up your heart and your arms

I gotta feeling
I'm gonna feel you very soon
The birds will be singing
The flowers will burst out in full bloom

Everyone will be happy
Cause you and I were meant to be as one
It's gonna be groovy
When I find my way back to you
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