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No Fear 2 Bleed

Lyrics to Back To Trouble
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There's only one way to do
when someone's coming out for you
fight bleed, this is the price to pay
to keep pride intact against all laws
wise men would have gone but I am not one of those
no fear, no fear 2 bleed
les uns passent les autres restent
no fear, no fear to bleed
combien y passent, pour combien restent?
you are here bitch no exit!
face to face with your sad fate
too much pressure! too much fear!
there's no escape go back and fight
let the blood run on youfeel no pain
feel your hate to get outof this motherfucking dead end
combien sont malsains pour qui le coeur saigne
qui sont pour le mal contre les saints et le seigneur qui saigne
the fire inside consumes me
the fire inside consumes me
I'm burning
back into trouble.
back, back,
into trouble shit. bitch!X2
no fear 2 bleed, no fear, no fearX4
Paris was built to last
through the blood
and the painthrough the ages
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