Back To The Money Lyrics


Uptown Veteran

Lyrics to Back To The Money
Back To The Money Video:
featuring B.G.

Little twelve hundred, morning we balling,
Burn call shots, spend a hundred on a holly,
Cash in the back, on the back, rocking Louis,
Ball till you fall, live in legend, watch you do me.
Get a little down, live fast, switching lanes,
Hustle all the time, got this money in your vein
Uptown swing in your mansion getting brain,
Filthy rich bitch with these big diamond rings.
Shining on the ground, filthy by my riches,
Born uptown, uptown business
Chopper city, baby, Birdman, bitch.
Rocking heavy metal, cash money shit.

You know you ain't seen me in so long,
But if you take it up and gone, you're so wrong
Cause I was getting back to the money, back to the money,
Back to the money, back to the money.

You don't know about me,
You know that I'd be here three times of week,
I gotta get back to the money, back to the money.
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