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Ab Aeterno

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Lyrics to Back To Be Myself
Back To Be Myself Video:
This time I want to talk
About those things you don't know
I have deep inside of me
I don't want to listen to
Your excuses and complaints,
You have to say about it

I remember when I called you
You weren't there for me
Down the streets I'm alone
But I thought I had you
Everyone is fighting
Everything has a price
I try to found same answers
But I just despise you

See me now
You don't recognize me
As I am now
I had to change my life and cease the pain
I want to grab my past
And throw it in a river of sorrow and death

Throw it away
Throw it away


I'm making my way
This is the way to be myself
I write the pages of my own book
I've found a place where I can do it
Just be myself


...I know who I am
...This time I know who I am

(Thanks to Sulma for these lyrics)
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