Lyrics to Back To Basics
Back To Basics Video:
You don't know what you've got 'till its gone/But the wheels of life force to move one/Memories ripped tangled abused and stained/Live now to remember only pain/A pain so sharp that I can't continue/If I could only have one more day to be with you/But I've got to be strong to push the pressures around/I got to be sure not to let my gaurd down/If I let my gaurd down Its got me to/the same old thing that only took you/It kills like a cancer but hurts like a lie/But I gotta fight this sionide/It just proves that the road of life is long/We all take hits but we gotta move on/We gotta move on

And I will miss you(4)

These arrows in my head/Spin around again/And I don't feel the scar/'Till I dig in so far
(back to basics)
please give me a home
(back to basics)
not a wall of stone
(back to basics)
and hold me
(back to basics)
don't roll me around and 'round again

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