Lyrics to Back Out Back
Back Out Back Video:
What the am I doing down George street
I've been stuck at these lights for a day
And I'm sitting here with this fella
I've got a feeling that I've gone the wrong way

What the you're going to yoga
With the girls from where you work at
I'm sorry but I've been thinking this over
I've gotta get back out back

Out back where the men drink water
When it splashes off the brim of their hats
Out back where the boys are sorta
On the lean side but muscle packed
Out back where dancing is like drivin'
It comes natural like two feet flat
Well I like 'em like that
I've gotta get back out back.

What the is that what you call dancing
Your so far away I can't see
What the you don't like country
And you think that Willo's a tree

What the is that your driving
And it's never been on dirt road tracks
I'm sorry I've been thinking this over
I've gotta get back out back.

Repeat Chorus

What the have I been thinking
I know where there's a rodeo on
Maybe I'll catch up with ya later
I've gotta get back where I'm from

Repeat Chorus
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