Back Is Broken Lyrics

Oso Closo

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Lyrics to Back Is Broken
Back Is Broken Video:
Separated from you since last night,
I knew that something was still wrong.
Single-minded me,
Well it took me till morning,
But I finally did see.

But now my back is broken,
From all of these words I've spoken.

With a little time
I've adopted a new way
Of quietly wishing you were mine.
You've begun to stand on your own now,
But it's clear you need a helping hand.

And I know that you're probably thinking
It was me that's been carrying you.
But you're doing fine on your own,
And to be honest,
I need someone to pull me through.
'Cause my back is broken.

There won't be much that you can say
That won't just make me feel this way
It's pulling tighter every day
The shameless way you've made me pay
And nothing that I ever gave
Can satisfy what I still crave
I'll always need someone to save!
I just wanted to remind you
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