Baby, In Your Kingdom Lyrics

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Lyrics to Baby, In Your Kingdom
Baby, I'm a good man when I draw the shades
When I pay the rent this month
It’s all running overdue next month
I'm gonna make it up to you in time

Baby, in your kingdom there's a new wind
But my hand’s been in the government
Too many years now, holy prophetess
I'm at the gold cow again

Baby, I'm on the good bend
Now I'm three deep, it's the same sin
My family always had to dive in
My grandfather couldn't save him, I know

Baby, what's the due date? What's a family?
What’s a home and what’s my name?
I want to give me life away this year
Following our friends into the fear

Baby, every airplane
Watch my life end and I know that I'm insane
To ever, ever leave you
Insane to live the life I want to each day

Baby, now I’m coming home
Well I dove in seven nights in a row again
Where did all my friends go this year?
I want to throw my anchor out right here

Baby, isn't life strange? Isn't God far?
Isn't love right where we are?
I know I’m on the way again this time
I'm giving you my name, I'm giving you my life

Baby, are you satisfied?
Take a decade, take a lifetime
I know we're always on a one-way street
Lie down in the light and wait with me

Baby, in the next life
I can touch you, I can ride the light
Goddamn I wasn't where I thought I'd be
29, burn the world around me and I hide

Baby, in your kingdom
Sink my roots in, I'm a tall tree
I know, wind is going to blow again
I know, when I am with you, I am known
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