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Doggy's Angels


Lyrics to Baby If You're Ready
Baby If You're Ready Video:
(feat. Miss Toi, Snoop Dogg)

Baby if you're ready
I can give you what you looking for
I guarantee once you stay with me
You'll want no more
And baby, if you want it
You can get it once we close the door, oh

You know it's something 'bout rolling wit' a G like you
Khaki's, french braids wrapped up, all keepin' it true
In the G-yes when you see us
We won't dub any BS that wanna see us, get dommed up
A-team's on the hang like you bang for years
Main bitch and I ain't switch, bring 'em to tears
High pitch, like Eddie Kendricks when you hit an appendix
His and her's semi's regulate the problems we finish
Taught me how to grind, separate my nickles from dubs
G wit' it when you winning, so I'm showing you love
Had to check a broad yesterday for grilling you down
Shut it down quick cuz me still wanna see these rounds
Any beef you got, trust we gon' eat it together
Hold it down in the hood while I get this chedder
Whether it's all grits or gravey, are we ready to tangle
It's all G-heavenly, so you labeling me your angel

[Repeat 1]

You know you chose the best when you singled me out
I got these cats at close range, I'm contagious to these lames
We broke game, it's time to kill game, I feel your pain
They wanna stretch you for some change
Never worry boo, I'm not gon' change
It's gon' still feel the same
Besides you said you done with with them games
It ain't no love loss
I hollar that you know you're in, let's lead a new cause
Boss bitch, and I can put that on the cross
I'mma bang for you, and we gon' pull through
So when I release you from them balls
We gon' look up at the stars, notice those stars
They moving inside us, to get us it's gotta meant war
And as for them broads, you know the rules
It ain't a chicken alive that can walk in my shoes
I payed dues, they see the Bentley pull up, brand new
What the fuck, they better get on the bus
Remember the dreams about the house up on the hill
Spinning the bottle, quarter mill', want a meal

[Repeat 1]

I got a fettish for thugs, rugged with mean mugs
When he lonely, he phone me to please 'em
Jeans saggin', buy size 12, like all damn
As he unclothed my mind froze, like oh man
Underestimated, but for one, she's just a faded
Call it how I see it, shoot the game, I'm tryin' to play it
(So into you and your Davison House shoes)
To flip a yay and choppin' bricks
(It figures beyond six)
And he not incarcerated, departed and used to hate
He couldn't wait 'till you hit the gates to get activists ready
Your type is what I'm diggin', gossip heard obsolete
Plans occurred on the sneak, swing surperb and unique
Keep your pimpin' in tight, addicted like all night
Like eight inches, six pack, dig that, it's alright
Dead G over at ??? burn like opium
He's a straight trophy, and grip tight, I'm holding on

[Repeat 1]

[Snoop Dogg]
Here's another one, yeah
Doggy's Angels
And this is a Dog House production
My dogs
It's how we do it, ya'll
Ha ha
Bow wow, bow wow, bow wow
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