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Lyrics to Baby If You're Ready (feat. Latoya Williams)
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(Chorus) Oh, baby if you're ready I can give u what u looking for (I guarantee once u stay with me you'll want no more) And baby if u want it u can get it once we close the door ooohhhh (Verse 1) You know there's something about rolling with a G like u Khaki's french braids rep the bo' keepin' it true In the gs when u see us we on dubs Any bs that wanna see us get on up 18's on the hand like u bang for years Main bitch and i ain't switch bringing the tears Hot bitch like ???? when u hit an appendix His and her simmy's regulate the problems we finish Taught me how to grind seperate my nickels from dubs G with it wen u win it so i'm showin' u love Had to check a broad yesterday for grilling u down Shut it down quick cause they wannna see these rounds Any beef u got trust we gon' eat it together Hold it down in the hood while i get this cheddar Whether it's all grits or gravy yo we ready to tango It's all G heavenly so u labeling me yo' angel (Chorus) (verse 2) You know u chose the best when u singled me out I got these catzy close range I'm contageous to these lames with broke game It's time to kill game I feel yo' pain They wanna stretch you for some change Never worry boo i'm not gon' change It's gon' still feel the same Beside's you said u done with them games It ain't no love lost I hollered at yo' lawyer and I slid in them cards Boss bitch and I could put that on the cross I'mma bang for u And we gon' pull through so when they release u Out them bars we gon' look up at the stars Notice the hood stars They movin inside us together got them at war And as for them broads u know the rules It ain't a chicken alive that could walk in my shoes I pay dues They see the Bentley pull up brand new What the fuck they better get on the bus Remember them dreams about the house up on the hill Spendin' a bottle quarter meal (chorus) (Verse 2) I got a fetish for thugs Rugged with mean mugs When he lonely he phone me to please him Jeans saggin for size twelves like aw damn As he unclothed my mind froze like aw man Underestimate it but so anxious just to fade it Call it how i see it shoot the game i'm trying to play it (backround) To flippin' ye and choppin' bricks (it figure's beyond six) In and out inconcerated Departed and used to hate it Couldn't wait till u hit the gate to get active x rated You're type is what i'm diggin got superb obsulete Plans to curb on the sneek Swing superb and unique Keep it pimpin' and tight Addicted like all night 8 inches 6 pack dig that it's all right That G or a Gotti ex sperm like opium He a straight trophy and grip tight i'm holdin him chorus.....

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